Pre-Sale Announcement 2008 Black R36 Estate

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Pre-Sale Announcement 2008 Black R36 Estate

Post by paulroberts69 » Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:46 pm

I'm picking up my new Q7 tomorrow so I'll be looking to sell my R36 soon - it's not quite ready for sale yet, but I am announcing it exclusively here first to see if anyone is interested.

There are a few jobs that need doing before I advertise on pistonheads, autotrader, ebay etc. so you have a chance to get in first before it's ready. It's going in for a 110,000 mile service next week, I'll get them to change the DSG oil too. Then I need to get all the alloys refurbished, they aren't too bad but they have been kerbed a bit and will look stunning when sorted. Then it needs a couple tyres and a decent valet, then it'll be ready. I'm happy to negotiate if anyone wants the car before all these jobs have been completed.

It's a 2008 model with 109,000 on the clock (mainly motorway miles), full service history, it's been well looked after, has actually been quite cheap to service and has been fantastically reliable. I've owned it since 2009, it was the manager's car at VW Southampton so previous owner was the dealer.

I'll take some new photos when it's ready but it really doesn't look any different to these photos I took when I picked the car up:


In terms of options, it has the RNS510 satnav/media system, I have swapped the hard disk for an SSD after it packed up, and it has upgraded firmware and maps. It does NOT have dynaudio, sunroof or electric tailgate, but it DOES have a reversing camera.

With all the work done, I'm looking to start the ball rolling at £9,999.

You can call me on 07837 362149 or email me:



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Re: Pre-Sale Announcement 2008 Black R36 Estate

Post by *AJ* » Thu Oct 19, 2017 2:23 pm

Looks like a nice well kept example.

Might be worth sticking it on the Facebook Page mate as that gets a little more "traffic" than the forum. :mrgreen:
.:R36 Estate

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